You can find support when your kids are learning at home by exploring three different types of connections.

When raising kids, we’re told over and over that it takes a village. Now, we are learning in all different ways, some of us at home full time, and the old ways of connecting with our village have changed.

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It’s easy to feel isolated and alone when embarking on any type of distance or home learning. More than ever, we need connections. We need people who understand what we’re going through. And we definitely need people who can help us along the way. 

How do we find the village we so desperately need? 

Find People to Lead You

These are people who are further along in the journey than you are. They know something you don’t know and are eager to share that information. Maybe it’s a parent that has kids that are older than yours or maybe it’s a friend that works in education. This person has some wisdom or information that you will benefit from. Think about the people you know that might fit this description.

Even finding a few websites that provide trustworthy information can be helpful here. The point is to find sources you trust and connect with for learning.

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Find People to Walk With

We all need the people that are walking right alongside us. These are the ones that are in the thick of it with us. We can commiserate, celebrate, and everything in between. It’s often the people with a child the same age as ours, maybe even the parents of your child’s friends from school or sports. These people become your daily people. You get to walk through this together. 

You can also find people to journey with in community groups or online groups. This is especially helpful if you need regular support from someone who understands what it’s like to have a child with unique learning needs. 

Find People to Lead

There is something you know that can help another parent. Maybe it’s the way you manage your time or maybe it’s how you always have the perfect book suggestion for your middle schooler. No matter what you know, think about how you can share with others.

Not only does it help them, but it helps create the network of people on this journey. You learn together and from one another. You teach each other. And before you know it, you have your village. 

No matter what your learning situation is, you can develop relationships that support you and your child. You can find your village.


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