Discover the perfect books for your middle school student! With both classic favorites and new discoveries, your child will find something he or she loves.

Middle school students are notoriously picky. It’s not a bad thing. They are simply learning to navigate the world and figure out what they like. It takes time and a lot of trial and error. That’s why we’re sharing some favorite books of middle school readers, and they’re all KID APPROVED!

Pickup a book you love and get lost in it. Recommended reading for middle school students.


The One and Only Ivan – A gorilla that is more comfortable with TV and painting than the jungle may seem unusual. But Ivan is special. When he makes a new little friend, he sees his life in a new way, opening up a whole new way of thinking. Full of friendship and humor, this beloved story is now a movie kids will love to watch after reading the book!

Pax – A boy and a fox were never supposed to be friends. Peter and Pax didn’t know any different. When the two are separated by hundreds of miles, the reader goes on a journey of adventure, friendship, and identity, Pax is an excellent story for a family read. 


Mr. Lemoncello Books – Mystery, puzzles and secret escape routes will keep kids turning pages of this best-selling series. Throw a race and a ticking clock into the mix, and kids will be hooked on this series that Booklist calls, “A worthy successor to Willy Wonka.” 

Fun Jungle – It all starts in an amazing zoo and theme park. What happens next is full of mystery, crime and the funniest action packed whodunnit you could imagine. From missing koalas and hippo homicide even the FBI gets in on the action. But the resident kids are the real heroes in this Stuart Gibbs series.


The Unwanteds – Described as the Hunger Games meets Harry Potter, this story is full of magic, unusual abilities and spells all while dividing those who are wanted with those who are not. A magic battle will decide who really wins in the end.

The City of Ember – Imagine a place that has existed for hundreds of years as a secret refuge to save humans everywhere. With ancient messages and time dwindling, readers will be on a journey to discover how to save this mysterious city and the only people who are left in the world.


New Kid – Struggling to fit in is something many middle school students can relate to. Jordan doesn’t fit in anywhere. Kids walk with him through being new, being different and everything that goes with that, even racial issues. An important read kids will relate to.

Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales: One Dead Spy – True stories of American history told comic book style, starting with the famous Nathan Hale. Kids love seeing history come to life in a memorable way on the page.


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Classic and all together new with every read, this adventure follows four siblings into an unusual land of magic to an epic battle of good and evil. From talking animals to world traveling wardrobes, kids will fall in love with this classic.

The Giver – Going from a world where everything is the same, Jonas begins to remember when things were different. Freedom, security and community are all challenged in this classic, a favorite for decades.

Discover the perfect book for your middle school reader today!


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