It’s no secret that keeping kids on task and learning is a challenge, especially during these unusual times. Even more than that, we can find ourselves feeling guilty when our kids are unmotivated and uninterested. Sometimes the best way to let go of guilt and keep things simple is by thinking outside of the box. Infusing the day with learning can be easier than you think.

Discover 8 SIMPLE ways to keep kids learning:

1. Play. School keeps kids busy learning good things. But there is less room for play in a regular day. Giving kids the opportunity to play with no agenda allows them to be better thinkers.

2. Ask random math questions. Math facts are foundational for good mental math, but kids don’t always want more schoolwork. Make math facts fun by asking them when you’re doing something else like driving, hiking, making dinner. Make it easy, fun, and short!

3. Keep reading picture books. Even as kids get older, picture books can provide unique opportunities for learning. Increased connection with the text, vocabulary and a more sensory approach to reading helps the experience be enjoyable and beneficial.

4. Go places. Visit the sea or a mountain. Spend time at the free art museum or check out the historical house in town. Experiences make learning part of life and create schema, a personal framework for learning.

5. Create. Giving kids the chance to create through art, music, science, or any imaginative play helps them develop better thinking skills that translate far outside the classroom.

6. Enlist help. Helping with adult tasks gives kids new skills and shows them the need to learn throughout life. Cooking, taking pictures, changing the oil, doing laundry all show kids that there is always something new they can do.

7. Fail. Often. Let them see that failure is part of learning. Recognizing failure as part of the learning process rather than an end to learning shows kids to keep going. Demonstrate that it’s ok, even good, to fail because it’s all part of the learning.

8. Did I mention read? It’s one of the simplest things you can do with endless possibilities. Read to learn, for fun, and for life.

These 8 tips are a great addition to the 10 ways we shared last month. Check them out now!