Kids are learning in all different places, especially during the changes of distance learning, hybrid learning and homeschooling. Having the right supplies can make learning easier no matter where your child is!

Kids being creative while staying at home. Distance learning and academic support. Stay sane, get organized, get learning.

Their stuff is everywhere. And I’m not talking about toys. Now that my three kids are doing more schoolwork at home, their school supplies have taken over.

The desk is covered with chargers, pens and pencils. The kitchen table is littered with printed worksheets, coloring supplies and glue sticks. And the coffee table has become the semi-permanent home of their computers and little fidgety toys to help them get some energy out.

My house looks like a backpack exploded. Times 3!

In an effort to keep them learning while regaining some order in my home, I knew I needed some inexpensive supplies to help contain the chaos.

Here are 10 of the supplies that can help reign things in (and keep your kids learning!)

Portable Supply Tote

This tote is easy to carry and has room for notebooks, Chromebook, iPad plus pockets for pens, pencils, ruler, scissors and more. This is perfect for giving kids a chance to move around while completing their schoolwork throughout the day.

Desk Cart

Sometimes we don’t have one designated space for working. Give your child the structure of a desk wherever you have room. You can even move it throughout the day. Plus, you can use it as a standing or sitting desk. A great option for wiggly ones!

Inexpensive Lap Desk

This desk fits comfortably on kids laps and provides a solid work surface for papers or a laptop. It is lightweight and easy for kids to bring with them using the handle. Great for working in different areas of the home or even on the go. 

Clip on Ring Light

With more and more video needs, it’s not always easy to find great lighting. This small ring light clips on to a laptop, phone or tablet giving just the right amount of light for great videos. Plus, you can charge it with a USB, so no batteries to worry about.

Rolling Supply Cart

Easy to move around, this cart has three deep tiers to hold all the supplies your little learner needs! Great for moving around the house while keeping the supplies corralled; you and your kids will appreciate this!

Portable Electric Pencil Sharpener 

This compact sharpener is great no matter where your child is working. With a long lasting charge and a safety stop for young kids, you’ll have sharp pencils at the ready all the time!

Wiggle Stool 

Now more than ever kids need the chance to move around. When they are spending more time in front of screens that can be tricky, but this wiggle stool helps them get the wiggles out while staying engaged in learning.

Portable Writing Table

This writing table goes anywhere! Kids can sit on the floor, a chair or even in the car and have a secure surface, held in place by their own weight. This is a great desk alternative that doesn’t take up much space, perfect if you need to get multiples for more than one child!

WiFi Range Extender 

We are relying on WiFi signals more than we ever dreamed we would, and there’s nothing worse than losing signal in the middle of a Zoom class. You can make the signal go further in your home with a simple to use extender. 

Digital Timer

Keep kids on track and away from the temptation of phone and tablet screens with an easy to use digital timer. Visual and audible cues will help your child know how much longer until their next break or until a class ends. 

While you may not need all of these supplies, you can choose the ones that will help your child stay on track — and help you get your house back!


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