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6th Grade Reading & Math

Vocabulary – Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes

Comprehension – Figurative Language in Literature

Comprehension – Analyzing How Components of Informational Text Relate

Comprehension – Compare and Contrast Story Genres

Number & Operations – Understand Absolute Value

Algebra & Algebraic Thinking – Analyze Two-Variable Relationships

Measurement & Data – Choice of Measures of Center and Variability

Geometry – Concepts of Area & Perimeter

A Live! 1-on-1 Teacher Clarifies Concepts, Teaches Skills, & Builds Confidence.

Our teachers meet with your child at least once per week to review, reinforce, encourage, check-in and teach your child. They will focus on teaching the personalized pathways assigned to your child by our software. The teacher can also support schoolwork and homework. Our teachers have experience in the classroom working with students similar in age to your child. We will keep your child engaged and motivated to love learning. Our teachers’ success is your child’s academic success.

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7th Grade Reading & Math

Vocabulary – Understanding Connotative Meaning

Comprehension – Analyzing Differing Points of View

Comprehension – Summarizing Literary Text

Comprehension – Comparing Texts on the Same Topic (Quiz)

Numbers & Operations – Strategies to Add and Subtract Rationals

Algebra & Algebraic Thinking – Solve Percent Problems

Measure and Data – Probability of Compound Events

Geometry – Volume of Composed Figures

A Study Buddy Teacher Is Experienced & Committed

Our teachers have experience teaching in the classroom.

With a formal educational background in education, a state or national accreditation, our teachers are educational professionals.

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8th Grade Reading & Math

Vocabulary – Word Meaning From Context Clues (Quiz)

Vocabulary – Understanding Relationships Between Words

Comprehension – Analyzing Development of a Theme

Comprehension – Evaluating Arguments

Numbers & Operations – Square and Cube Roots

Algebra & Algebraic Thinking – Linear Functions, Rate of Change and Initial Value

Measure and Data – Problem Solving with Linear Models

Geometry – Application of the Pythagorean Theorem (Quiz)

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