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2nd & 3rd Grade Reading & Math

Phonics – Syllables -tion, -ion, -sion

Comprehension – Describe Parts Of A Story

Comprehension – Determine the Central Message of a Folktale

Close Reading – Recounting Key Details

Algebraic Thinking – “Take From Start Unknown” Word Problems

Geometry – Line Plot and Measure Length

Algebra – Multiplication Word Problems

Geometry – Classify Quadrilaterals (Quiz)

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4th & 5th Grade Reading & Math

Vocabulary – Determine the Meaning of Related Words

Comprehension – Comparing Poems and Prose

Vocabulary – Determine Word Meanings Using Context Clues

Close Reading – Using Details to Support Inferences

Numbers & Operations – Use a Benchmark To Compare Fractions

Measurement and Data – Convert Customary Units of Liquid Volume

Number and Operations – Multiplying Fractions (Quiz)

Algebraic Thinking – Write and Evaluate Expressions

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