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With over 20 years experience in the tutoring business, we’ve designed an effective online learning program that meets parents’ expectations and guides students to achieve academic success.

Standard Membership starting at $72 per month, includes:

  • Comprehensive Academic Diagnostic 3 Times per Year.
  • Curriculum Personalized to Your Child’s Diagnostic Results.
  • Guided Pathway of Interactive Online Lessons and Quizzes.
  • Weekly Live, 1-on-1 Teacher Review Sessions.
  • An Education Specialist Committed to Your Expecations who Monitors & Reports to Student Progress .
  • A Team of Educators Committed to the Academic Success of Your Child!

1. Take An Academic Diagnostic

2. We Personalize A Learning Pathway of Online Lessons

3. Meet Weekly With Your Remote Teacher




Basic Membership

Best for Independent Learners.

Academic Diagnostic &
Personalized Curriculum of Online Lessons.

Starting at $24/month

Standard Membership

Best for Students Above Grade Level

Academic Diagnostic,
Personalized Curriculum of Online Lessons &
Weekly Live, 1-on-1 10-Minute Teacher Review.

Starting at $72/month

Premium Membership

Best for Students of All Levels

Academic Diagnostic,
Personalized Curriculum of Online Lessons &
Weekly Live, 1-on-1 30-Minute Teacher Instruction,
Including Schoolwork Support & Supplemental Homework.

Starting at $180/month

"Our award-winning i-Ready software serves more than eight million students and approximately 25 percent of all K–8 students in the United States."

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Preschool, Kindergaten, 1st graders

PK/TK Students, Learn Skills and Prepare for Kindergarten

Strengthen Key Foundational Academic Concepts

Improve Areas of Weakness and Develop Academic Confidence

view PK-1st grade lesson examples





Starting & Ending Sounds

Short & Long Vowel Sounds

Blend & Breakup Words

Reconigzing Letters

Prefix & Suffixes

Digraphs & Trigraphs

Multisyllabic Words

High Frequency Words

& more. 


Identify Characters, Setting, Events

Identify Details

Retell the Story

Connect Words and Pictures

Describe Connections

Find the Main Topic

Identify Sensory & Feeling Words

& more. 


Counting & Ordering

More & Less


Two-Digit Numbers

Adding & Subtracting

Partners & Patterns

Key Terms in Word Problems

2D & 3D Shapes

Compare, Describe & Group

Divide Shapes into Equal Parts

& more.

This software is a godsend. With the recent closures of school, trying to teach a 1st grader, 3rd grader and 6th grader at home is not easy. The kids get excited about doing these lessons. They like to earn reward coins so they can play the educational games. Thank you!


Mother of 3

Personalized Learning with Award Winning i-Ready© Assessment & Instruction

Powerful Assessment

Engaged Students

Effective & Interactive

Powerful School-Based Software Now Accessible At Home With Study Buddy Learning


My son wasn’t thrilled about me signing him up for this educational system but after using it for over a month, he changed his mind about it. He told me he liked how the system guided him through lessons and he didn’t have to click around different subjects and lessons like other educational websites. What he also really liked was that he only needs to do lessons 1.5 hours per week of lessons.


Parent of a 4th Grader

Elementary 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Graders

Identify and Focus on Improving Areas of Academic Weaknesses

+ Pinpoint Grade Level Competency with Testing using Adaptive Technology

Challenge Your Child to Learn New Concepts with the Support of Our Teachers

view 2nd – 5th grade lesson examples


Who, What, Where, Why, When & How

Identify the Main Idea & Details

Character Point of View

Compare & Contrast

Point of View

Identify the Theme and Setting

Making Inferences

Summarizing & Supporting Evidence

Vowel Teams

Decode Using Prefixes & Suffixes

Latin & Greek Roots and Affixes

Using Context Clues

Word Relationships

Understanding Fables, Folktales & Myths

Understanding Technical & Scientific Texts

Evaluating Informational Texts

Understanding Historical Texts

Comparing Poems and Prose

Elements of a Poem and Play

& more. 


Multiplication & Division

Multi-Step Word Problems

Algebraic Expressions

Understanding & Computing Fractions

Fraction and Decimal Equivalency

Understanding & Computing Decimals 

Standard to Metric Conversions

Solving Time Problems

Conversions of Weights and Lengths

Standard vs. Metric Conversions

Graphing & Plotting

Perimeter, Area & Volume

Angles and Measurements

& more.


3x per year


Tracking student progress is essential to gauging effectiveness and ensuring your child is improving. Study Buddy will update your child’s personalized academic pathway based on the test results. This ensures your child is improving areas of weakness and continues to be challenged, always learning new academic concepts.

2-3 hours/week


Your membership gives your child access to thousands of interactive online lessons that have been designed to be engaging and effective. Lessons are followed by quizzes which test student’s understanding of the newly learned concept. Trouble areas are flagged and your child’s teacher will review it during their weekly live, 1-on-1 session.

10-30 minutes/week


Choose either a 10-minute check-in or 30-minute lesson with our experienced teachers. Our teachers will review online lessons flagged as a trouble area, keep your child on task and enthusiastic about learning, set goals and keep your child challenged and will support your child’s efforts at school. During these days modified school days, our teachers will also check-in on the students social emotional status.


I am very happy with Study Buddy Learning. The diagnostic is very detailed and tests my son on everything. This is important to me because I homeschool him and it’s important to me I’m teaching him properly. The reports I get about how he is performing on the lessons and quizzes helps me target the areas I need to help him with. I trust this diagnostic and content in this educational system and recommend it as the perfect supplemental learning tool for homeschoolers.


Father of a 6th Grader

Middle 6th, 7th & 8th Graders

Review and Strengthen Essential Academic Concepts

+ Build Academic Confidence & Be Prepared for High School

Weekly Live 1-on-1 Teacher Meetings Support Your Child’s Learning Efforts with Study Buddy and at School

view 6th-8th grade lesson examples



Supporting Inferences

Summarizing Literature

Building Sentence Comprehension

Analyzing Character & Plot Development

Setting the Tone & Meaning in Literature

Figurative Language

Exploring & Analyzing Points of View

Impact and Tone of Word Choice

Evaluating Arguments

Using Reference Guides

Origins & Meanings of Roots and Affixes

Plot & Theme Development

Connotative Meanings

Compare and Contrast

 Impact of Dialogue

Figurative Language & Allusions

Citing Evidence

Analyzing Persuasive Techniques

& more. 


Understanding & Solving Ratios

Understanding Proportional Relationships

Finding and Solving Percentages

Algebraic Computation of Fractions and Decimals

Understanding & Computing Integers

Prime Factorization

Numerical & Algebraic Expressions

Understanding Absolute Value & Rationals

Understanding Exponents & Roots

Applying & Solving with Scientific Notation

Expressions and Properties of Equations

Write and Evaluate Algebraic Expressions

Problem Solving with Inequalities

Multiple Variable Relationships & Equations

Solving Systems of Linear Equations

Understanding Rational Coefficients

Understand and Apply Statistics

Making Statistical Inferences

Understanding Mean and MAD

Experimental Probability and Modeling

Understanding Absolute Deviation

Types of Graphs, Plots and Displays

Graphing & Understanding Functions

Solving with Geometric Formulas

Geometric Properties

Applying the Pythagorean Theorem

& more.


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